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Architecture & Design
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Our objectives is to provide our clients with and assured experience when we are chosen to execute their projects. We emphasize on clear communication, and follow-through procedures ensures that client’s objectives are top priority in the planning and execution of all our processes.

Commercial Design

Creating comfortable places for visitors to relax—that is exactly what designing commercial facilities means to KONARS Group.

Residential Design

The custom home design team at KONARS Group is committed to creating inspired and innovative residential architecture design solutions that meet client specified wants and needs.

Interior Design

Our expertise is well-known in terms of analysis of municipal regulations, urban analysis, and preparation of development concepts integrated with existing urban spaces or for creating new communities.

Architecture & Design

Urban & Environmental Design

Our approach to urban design and urban planning is guided by the surrounding environment. KONARS Group believes urban design means creating a social environment that realizes the city’s full potential. A vibrant city enables people to network. Such human networks, in turn, generate an array of social and cultural activities, making the city’s social environment even more energetic. We are also convinced that architecture is at once a reflection of aesthetic, social, environmental and philosophical influences.

KONARS Group skill and creativity are key assets to developers and property owners looking for unique solutions. We have the experience needed to develop quality, creative concepts for land planning and development. Our diverse project portfolio is a valued asset to our clientele.

Construction & Project Management

Construction is A People Business

All manner of issues may arise at every phase of a project from the kickoff to the building completion, as well as after the building is in operation. Those issues, which have generally been increasing in number, need to be handled by skilled experts.

As a comprehensive architectural firm, KONARS Group has designed a whole range of buildings and resolved a wide variety of issues. In our total management services, we apply this strength to optimize a client’s project as a whole in a capacity different from that of a designer or constructor. Specifically, KONARS’s expert possessing a wealth of practical experience takes part and assists engineers in the project as the one-stop manager and the client’s valued partner.


Harmony & Green Architecture

The essence of our development process is to reinvent spaces and environments. We believe that each building should be in harmony with its surroundings and adapt to changes in its environment. A well-designed and integrated building provides superior performance and quality of life to its occupants. Sustainable design requires energy efficiency, resource conservation, and good indoor air quality.

Konars Development uses an initial site analysis to understand the environmental implications of the location so that the orientation and geometry of the building can take advantage of solar energy while protecting itself from undesirable sun, wind, and weather.


We works closely with energy consultants and contractors so that details critical to the building envelope are designed correctly, ensuring the building will be efficient in its use of energy and resources. The design of the mechanical system and the selection of finishes and materials are important considerations for providing healthy indoor air quality. The ultimate goal is to achieve a green home that has less impact on the environment and is healthy for the occupants.

Interior Design

Interior Spaces & Experiences

KONARS Group designs interior spaces for the way people live; after all, the home is where most time is spent. Our design team will work collaboratively to deliver creative, functional and comfortable interior spaces to meet client wishes. The scope of our services can range from basic material and finish schedules to full on specifications, drawings, details, and renderings. Our team of interior designers uses an integrated approach to design an interior space that improves performance and quality of life for occupants and reflects the brand image of our customer. We design, create, and plan spaces to provide the best customer experience possible.

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